Land, Law and International Jurisprudence

The cases discussed on this site are from the reading list for Professor Kwame Gyan’s course, Immovable Property I: Customary Land Law, as taught during the Fall Semester of 2004 at the Law Faculty of the University of Ghana, as well as other developments in areas of property and tort laws in the United States, and other English Common Law countries. We also cover legal issues in the U.S., from Florida, to Los Angeles, California. Whether it has to do with a personal injury attorney handling a celebrity auto accident, or a divorce case, they are encroaching on the issues of property law, trespass and nuisance.

To download a PDF with most cases to your computer, there are sources available such as Westlaw TM and Lexis Nexis TM. An (incomplete) attempt to arrange the cases by topic and make something like a casebook out of them is being created online for you here on this site. We hope you enjoy our various topics, from divorce, to personal injuries law.

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