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The cases below are from the reading list for Professor Kwame Gyan's course, Immovable Property I: Customary Land Law, as taught during the Fall Semester of 2004 at the Law Faculty of the University of Ghana. It appears from the syllabus that Professor (and currently Dean) Nii Ashie Kotey was the original compilor of the list. All credit for case selection goes to them.

To download a PDF with most cases to your computer, click here.

An (incomplete) attempt to arrange the cases by topic and make something like a casebook out of them is also available.

Scroll down to see links to all the cases (40 or so) which are on-line.

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Topical Arrangement of Cases HTML PDF (text)

Adjei.v.Appiagyei, (1958) 3 WALR 401. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Adjei.v.Grumah, [1982-83] GLR 985. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Ado.v.Wusu, 6 WAC 24, 1940 TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Agbloe.v.Sappor, (1947) 12 WACA 187. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Aidoo.v.Adjei, [1976] 1 GLR 431. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Allotey.v.Abrahams, (1957) 3 WALR 280. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Amatei.v.Hammond, [1981] GLR 300. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Ameoda.v.Pordier, [1967] GLR 479. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
AttaPanyin.v.NanaAsani, [1977] 1 GLR 83. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Attah.v.Esson, [1976] 1 GLR 128. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Awortchie.v.Eshon, (1872) Sar. F.C.L. 170 TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Awuah.v.Adututu, [1987-88] 2 GLR 191. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Baidoo.v.Osei, 2 WALR 289, 1957 TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Bayaidee.v.Mensah, (1878) Sar. F.C.L. 171. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Bruce.v.Quarnor, [1959] GLR 292. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
BuduII.v.Caesar, [1959] GLR 410. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Buor.v.Bekoe, 2 WALR 289, 1957 TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Dadzie.v.Kokofu, [1961] GLR 91. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Fiaklu.v.Adjiani, [1972] 2 GLR 209. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Ghassoub.v.Sasraku, [1961] GLR 496. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Golightly.v.Ashrifi, [1961] 1 G.L.R. 28. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Heyman.v.Attipoe, (1957) 3 WALR 86. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
JamesTown.v.Sempe, [1989-90] GLR 393. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Kakrah.v.Ampofoah, 1957 W.A.L.R. 303 TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Komey.v.Korkor, 3 WALR 331, 1958 TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Kotei.v.AsereStool, [1961] GLR 493 TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Kuma.v.Kuma, 5 WAC 4, 1938 TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Kwadwo.v.Sono, [1984-86] GLR 7. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Kwami.v.Quaynor, [1959] GLR 269 TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Larbi.v.Cato, [1960] GLR 146. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Lokko.v.Konklofi, (1907) Ren. 450 (D.C. and F.C.) TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Mansu.v.Abboye, [1982-83] GLR 1313. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Mensah.v.Blow, [1967] G.L.R. 424 TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Mensah.v.GCB, 2 W.A.L.R. 123, 1957 TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Nana.HyeamanII.v.Osei, [1982-83] 1 GLR 495 TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Ngmati.v.Adetsia, [1959] GLR 323 TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Norquaye-Tetteh.v.Malm, [1959] GLR 368 TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Nyaasemhwe.v.Afibiyesan, [1977] 1 G.L.R. 27 TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Nyamekye.v.Ansah, [1989-90] 2 GLR 152. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Ohimen.v.Adjei, 2 WALR 275, 1957 TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Robertson.v.NiiAkramahII, [1973] 1 GLR 445. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Saaka.v.Dahali, [1984-86] 2 GLR 774 TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Schandorf.v.Zeini, [1976] 2 GLR 418. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Thompson.v.Mensah, 3 W.A.L.R. 240, 1957 TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
TotalOil.v.Obeng, [1962] 1 GLR 229. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Wiapa.v.Solomon, (1905) Ren. 410 (F.C.) TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Yaw.v.Amobie, (1958) 3 WALR 406. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Yeboah.v.Kwakye, [1987-88] 2 GLR 50. TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Yiboe.v.Duedu, 2 WALR 293, 1957 TEXT HTML PDF (text) PDF (image)
Three different electronic forms are listed.

The PDF(text) versions can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader and should be reasonably formatted, accurate versions of the files. They are much smaller than the PDF(image) versions, and it is possible to search for words in them and cut and paste editable text using them. These (like the TEXT versions) may contain errors, though. They have been created either by typing the cases in from photocopies by hand, or by using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to automatically read the text from the scanned images. Some have been more carefully proofread than others.

The TEXT versions contain only plain text (ASCII). They are the smallest files but have no formatting. (And some information, such as the occasional British Pound symbol (which cannot be represented in ASCII text on a computer) is lost in the TEXT versions.) These are generated automatically from the PDF(text) versions, and will contain all the errors which the PDF(text) versions have.

The HTML versions are also generated automatically and contain the same errors as the previous two.

The PDF(image) versions are the original scanned images. The cases were photocopied before they were scanned, and some of the images suffer accordingly. The PDF(image) versions are inconvenient because of their large file size and also because some of the photocopies are not easy to read. If there are errors in the other versions, the PDF(image) versions are hopefully accurate representations of what the pages in the source books actually look like.

NOTE: As of fall, 2004, the image pdfs are not on-line. the web-server hosting this site does not have room for them (for the most part they should be of less practical use than the other formats).

Photocopies were made at the University of Ghana Law Library in Legon, the Law Library at the Ghana Law School in Accra, and at the library of the Supreme Court of Ghana. Support provided by and DFW Personal Injury Lawyer. The library staff of the University of Minnesota in the United States were generous in digitizing and emailing two cases which could not otherwise be located.

Questions or comments can be sent to Notes about errors will be especially appreciated.

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