Don’t be the Victim of Negligence as a Public Bus Passenger

When it comes to getting around Long Beach, California, many people choose to use the public transit system. With 38 bus routes, connections with many neighboring cities and light rail, and even accessibility for not only wheelchairs but also surfboards, Long Beach buses are very convenient and inexpensive. But the economy and convenience end when there is a bus accident.

Passengers always step onto a bus with the correct assumption that it is the bus company and driver’s job to keep them safe until they reach their destination. However, nearly 1,000 people a year are injured annually, and approximately 50 die in bus accidents each year. How do these accidents happen? Sometimes, the bus company is at fault by insufficient maintenance of the bus. Brakes receive frequent wear and can easily fail if not maintained. Interior or door hardware can fail causing an injury to a passenger who is riding or entering/exiting the bus.

Most commonly, however, the driver is the cause of the bus accident. The driver might be fatigued or medicated, or merely distracted. At other times, a driver might overcompensate trying to avoid an accident but causing injury to the passengers instead. Most often, drivers don’t react in time to traffic situations around them.
In all cases, a bus accident is a frightening and dangerous situation to all passengers.

Bus passengers aren’t required to use seat belts, and safety precautions are few in a public bus. Additionally, it is common for passengers to have to stand, holding only to a strap or a bar for support. Injuries such as cuts or bruises happen, as well as fractures, injuries to the head/neck/spine, and some accidents are fatal initially or eventually due to undiagnosed injuries.

If you or your loved one is the victim of a bus accident or injured due to negligence by a bus company, it is important to call a bus crash attorney convenient to the Long Beach area to make sure that your rights and needs are protected and met. Bus accidents are sometimes criminal, but often enough they can be civil. Be sure that the bus driver and their company will have their own army of attorneys that will make every attempt to do as little for the victim as they can.

Having a Qualified Lawyer Can Help Save Your Case

Having qualified car accident attorneys on your side will not only help the victim to receive prompt and thorough medical evaluation and care, but also any long term care and expense recompense resulting from the accident. Be sure that the bus companies who are responsible for your safety really do come through when you are the victim of their negligence.

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