Motorcycle Accident Victims Should Arm Themselves with Information and an Attorney

Motorcycle accidents are a sobering fact that motorcyclists must keep in mind as they ride the roads of California in cities such as Manhattan Beach, Rancho Mirage, and Tarzana. No matter how careful a motorcyclist, accidents still occur and a car accident lawyer is no substitute for a biker’s firm. The primary cause is the negligence of an automobile driver who fails to notice the biker. Fortunately, there is some information the motorcyclist can keep in mind before and after an accident to help get through the situation more smoothly and with fewer losses.

Injuries from motorcycle accidents should always be taken seriously, particularly in an accident with an automobile. Even seemingly minor injuries can later turn deadly. It is important for the motorcyclist to understand how injuries after accidents can be deceiving; this information may save their life. Some of the most serious injuries are the most difficult to diagnose externally and on the scene: head, neck, spine, back, and internal injuries. First-responders to the scene aren’t necessarily equipped to evaluate internal injuries. Most people don’t realize that tricky diagnoses should really be done in a hospital setting with proper equipment and specialists. Instead, they assume that all medical personnel are experts. This mistaken information can often lead to injuries that worsen at home where the victim might have neither assistance nor transportation to go back to a hospital.

Another misconception that many people have is that their insurance company, or that of the other party, will always do what is best for the victim. Most insurance companies, no matter what side has hired them, have their own bottom line in mind. When it comes time for expensive testing for the victim or repairs for the motorcycle, insurance companies may balk or refuse. One may believe that what the insurance companies initially say is the final word. However, hiring a motorcycle accident attorney can help facilitate the process of receiving all of the help the victim needs. A motorcycle accident attorney will understand how the insurance companies work and relay that information to the victim. The victim certainly has a right to file a claim against a negligent party and expect a settlement that will cover all of their losses. The attorney can start the process for them and give them pertinent information throughout the event. An attorney and the proper information can help keep a motorcycle accident victim from being manipulated. To learn more contact Ehline Law Firm PC at 4223 Glencoe Ave, #A225 Marina del Rey, CA 90292 USA+310.295.2234.

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Don’t be the Victim of Negligence as a Public Bus Passenger

When it comes to getting around Long Beach, California, many people choose to use the public transit system. With 38 bus routes, connections with many neighboring cities and light rail, and even accessibility for not only wheelchairs but also surfboards, Long Beach buses are very convenient and inexpensive. But the economy and convenience end when there is a bus accident.

Passengers always step onto a bus with the correct assumption that it is the bus company and driver’s job to keep them safe until they reach their destination. However, nearly 1,000 people a year are injured annually, and approximately 50 die in bus accidents each year. How do these accidents happen? Sometimes, the bus company is at fault by insufficient maintenance of the bus. Brakes receive frequent wear and can easily fail if not maintained. Interior or door hardware can fail causing an injury to a passenger who is riding or entering/exiting the bus.

Most commonly, however, the driver is the cause of the bus accident. The driver might be fatigued or medicated, or merely distracted. At other times, a driver might overcompensate trying to avoid an accident but causing injury to the passengers instead. Most often, drivers don’t react in time to traffic situations around them.
In all cases, a bus accident is a frightening and dangerous situation to all passengers.

Bus passengers aren’t required to use seat belts, and safety precautions are few in a public bus. Additionally, it is common for passengers to have to stand, holding only to a strap or a bar for support. Injuries such as cuts or bruises happen, as well as fractures, injuries to the head/neck/spine, and some accidents are fatal initially or eventually due to undiagnosed injuries.

If you or your loved one is the victim of a bus accident or injured due to negligence by a bus company, it is important to call a bus crash attorney convenient to the Long Beach area to make sure that your rights and needs are protected and met. Bus accidents are sometimes criminal, but often enough they can be civil. Be sure that the bus driver and their company will have their own army of attorneys that will make every attempt to do as little for the victim as they can.

Having a Qualified Lawyer Can Help Save Your Case

Having qualified car accident attorneys on your side will not only help the victim to receive prompt and thorough medical evaluation and care, but also any long term care and expense recompense resulting from the accident. Be sure that the bus companies who are responsible for your safety really do come through when you are the victim of their negligence.

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Long Beach Drivers – What Happens After an Automobile Accident?

Most people have a sense of security when they do their daily driving, whether taking the kids to school, driving to work, or even doing a day of shopping in the Long Beach area. That sense of security can be quickly shattered, however, when a negligent driver crashes into your car. A routine day turns into a frustrating day at the least, or possibly even a tragic day. Drivers in Long Beach are required to either be able to prove financial responsibility or carry liability insurance in case of accidents. However, too often a driver is driving without having met these requirements. Even if they are responsible, insurance companies will do their best to make sure that as little as possible is paid out to the victim of a negligent driver, sometimes even turning the blame onto the victim. Unfortunately, they are backed by a team of attorneys who use their aggressive tactics every day against victims.

And what is the family of a victim of a fatal crash in Long Beach to do? At a time when they should be given the freedom to mourn their loved one and put their lives back together, instead they find themselves at the mercy of the attorneys of the negligent driver’s insurance company. Drivers who find themselves the victim of an accident due to driver negligence, or the family of the victim, can take comfort by asking for assistant from a qualified attorney in the Long Beach area with experience in automobile accidents.

By doing so, the victim or their family can have their rights protected, receive medical attention as necessary, as well as recompense as appropriate for their losses. An experienced attorney is used to the aggressive tactics of insurance companies and their lawyers and will be a victim or their family’s best assurance that all wrongs will be made right for the victim or for the family of the deceased. Ehline Law Firm PC is a highly experienced advocate located at 6700 East Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 230, Long Beach – (562) 342-9092.

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Tips for Motorcycle Riders to Hire the Right Attorney After a Crash Is Important

Tips for motorcycle riders to hire the right attorney after a crash is important, because without the right representation the rider that has been injured might not get the amount of compensation they deserve. Choosing the right attorney can get them get them the compensation necessary to pay for medical bills and other financial costs, replace or repair the motorcycle and pay for ongoing medical care.

The tips that are important when hiring an attorney after a motorcycle crash are:

  • Hiring the right attorney after a motorcycle crash will mean choosing an attorney that specializes in motorcycle crashes.
  • This is because they understand that every motorcycle accident is different and that in some cases the accident will require investigation and the use of experts.
  • The right attorney will understand the mechanics of a motorcycle and how the injuries can be severe when riding on two wheels instead of four.
  • Not all personal injury lawyers understand this or have never been on a motorcycle, which can be a real disadvantage for the injured victim that is represented by them.

Hiring an attorney should also be an experience where the injured motorcycle rider feels comfortable and all of the details of the claim are explained in detail. Not feeling comfortable with the lawyer that is representing the injured victim can cause the injured biker stress when they are not kept in the loop of their lawsuit.

The most important thing about hiring a motorcycle injury attorney, such as Ehline Law Firm PC at 633 W 5th St #2890, Los Angeles, CA 90071. (213) 291-9080, is the experience and resources they have to properly represent the injured biker. Motorcycle accidents happen nationwide and this includes Riverside, where traffic can become congested, which puts the motorcycle rider at more risk.

After a motorcycle accident, keeping the tips for motorcycle riders to hire the right attorney after a crash is important to remember. Having the right motorcycle injury attorney it can mean getting the compensation awarded that is deserved and that will cover medical bills, ongoing medical care and other financial awards.

Estimating what the medical costs can be for ongoing care can be difficult and without experience the injured biker might not get the amount of compensation they deserve after being involved in a collision with a driver of a passenger vehicle.

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Holding the Cruise Line Responsible After an Injury

Holding the cruise line responsible after an injury is one of the most difficult things to do, unless the injured passenger is represented by personal injury lawyers who are skilled in this area of the law. There are certain laws that apply in this type of legal claim, since it occurred on the water and the ship is not registered in the United States. This could present problems for the average lawyer that does not practice this area of the law regularly and that means that the passenger that was injured could be awarded a much lower settlement than they deserve.

Most passengers do not realize the numbers of injuries that occur regularly onboard cruise ships, this is something that is not advertised by the cruise line or the travel agencies. The fact that United States laws do not protect the injured victim, because these ships are registered in another country, which means they carry that flag and follow their laws. As an American citizen their laws might not protect the victims’ rights, but there are laws in the United States that have been enacted to protect the injured victim and there are maritime laws that could also apply in certain cases.

Holding the cruise line responsible after an injury that occurred onboard one of their ships is not impossible, when the right type of attorney is representing the passenger that is an injury victim. The cruise ship attorney with experience has a complete knowledge of the laws that protect the injured cruise ship passenger, they also have the resources that will be needed when going up against the cruise line.

Many of the cruise ships leave from the Los Angeles ports and while the cruise line and the travel agents do not warn passengers of the dangers that could injure them aboard the ship, where they expect to relax and have fun. When the fun turns into pain from a cruise ship injury, then it is time to have the representation of an experienced Los Angeles cruise ship attorney who can protect the injured victim’s rights to recover fair compensation for the damages that occurred on the cruise ship. These injuries can be serious and can occur from slips and falls on the deck or in the passageways, from lack of proper maintenance by the crew members or other types of negligence.

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In San Francisco Pedestrians Are At Risk For Personal Injuries Says Accident Lawyer

The city of San Francisco is the 12th most populous cities because it has around one million people in it and the area of that city is actually small. A lot of personal injury lawyers see a mixture of accidents in San Francisco each year and it’s easy to understand as to why accidents happen so much there.

In the year 2007 a study was done and it showed that people who might just be walking around could be putting their health and life at risk because at least two pedestrians get injured seriously every day. Another thing to know is that in addition to this over half of all the collisions and accidents that happen in the city of San Francisco involve pedestrians. The experts confirmed that this is actually above what the normal average is and that in most normal major cities only around 20 percent make up the accidents.

The nice weather and the Pacific Ocean means that it is a very popular and known getaway for many people in America plus tourists that are foreign. This adds onto the population that is already big and overwhelmed. In 2007 studies showed that the city had around 16 million visitors that dropped in just to see the sounds and the sight of the city.

While in San Francisco pedestrians are at risk for personal a injury the city of San Francisco takes its safety seriously and that also includes the visitors and residents of the city. The San Francisco personal injury law firms do a great deal with being able to help the ones that have been injured in accidents and the officials have also started to seek ways that ensure the wellbeing of everyone that uses the streets, public transit system or the roads.

Just recently the San Francisco officials started to improve on the sign visibility within the hotspots that might have a reputation with accidents. This step will hopefully cut down the accidents because sometimes the signs might not have been visible enough when they needed them to be and this could have been the cause of a few accidents that happened. In San Francisco pedestrians are at risk for personal injuries but hopefully with the officials and everyone coming together more steps will be taken so these accidents can be avoided in the future and the roads will be safe for everyone.

Michael Ehline is a San Francisco pedestrian attorney and car accident lawyer and he writes legal news and editorials in order to assist injured victims in receiving compensation for their serious personal injuries in California cities like Oakland and SF.

50 Francisco Street
Suite 460, San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 684-7688

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King Harbor In Redondo Beach Scene of Largest Fish Die-Off in California

March 8, 2011-According to reports King Harbor was the scene of largest fish die-off in California.

The King Harbor was the scene of millions of dead fish Tuesday including sardines, mackerel and anchovies in Redondo Beach. This is not the first fish die-off in King Harbor, with one occurring in 2005 and one in 2003, but it is the largest that officials have seen.

Scientists and officials are investigating what occurred and believe it had to do with oxygen deprivation with oxygen levels at nearly zero. The earlier fish die-offs were caused by algal blooms, where decaying algae sinks to the bottom of the ocean. A bacterium breaks down the algae using all the oxygen in the water during the process.

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U.S. Supreme Court Grants California’s Medi-Cal Lawsuit

Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court granted the state of California’s request to determine if the state can be sued for cutting Medi-Cal fees to doctors and hospitals that treat indigent patients. This could open a floodgate of trial lawyers going after the already bankrupt state.

The past two years federal courts have blocked the attempts of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Legislature to lower the Medi-Cal payments. They also attempted to lower in-home care worker’s wages. This would have totaled hundreds of millions of dollars and the U.S. Supreme Court decision could affect Gov.
Jerry Brown’s capability to lower spending for social services.

Over the past two years the federal courts have maintained federal laws require states to provide indigent people access to basic health care. The U.S. Supreme court has now agreed to determine if the lower courts should have considered the cases.

According to the state of California only the federal government has the right to enforce the laws governing Medicade, known as Medi-Cal in California. According to lawyers for the state of California deny any wrong doing and stated the Medi-Cal providers and their parents do not have a right to sue the state for alleged violation of federal Medicaid rules.

Now Gov. Brown when attorney general defended the state’s cuts and asked Legislature to reduce Medi-Cal by 10 percent for the fiscal year starting July 1st which would equal approximately $709 million.

The U.S. Supreme court is not scheduled to deal with the Medi-Cal issue until Fall and might not have a decision until next year. According to the governor’s spokeswoman Elizabeth Ashford, the decision by the court to review the cases will place the state in a better position to have more control over finances and assert state sovereignty. Ashford did not comment on if state officials will continue with the proposed cuts prior to the Supreme Court ruling.

In California Medi-Cal provides care for 6.6 million low income residents and advocates state that private citizens rights are at risk and public health.
According to James Hinsdale president of California Medical Association, with 35,000 members stated that California’s reimbursement rates are among the nations lowest and cutting them would force more doctors out of the program. Hinsdale stated this would decrease healthcare for millions of poor or unemployed California residents.

Under the Schwarzenegger administration he attempted to get Legislature to do away with the in-home program stating it was saturated with fraud. He then attempted to cut workers wages from $12.10 to $10 an hour. According to attorney Michael Sorgen the Supreme Court has a majority to restrict the rights of beneficiaries of legislation to bring a lawsuit to impose their rights.

An attorney representing 17 Northern California hospitals is disappointed that the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case. The Justice Department recommended that the Supreme Court not decide to take California’s appeal.

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Bicycle Safety on the Road Helps to Avoid Injuries

Bicycle safety on the road helps to avoid injuries, knowing the rules of the road, wearing a helmet and protective gear and not riding at night can all help avoid accidents. The bicycle rider needs to be more safety conscious than motorists on the road, because if they are involved in a collision it can be deadly or result in serious injuries.

The bicycle rider should perform a maintenance check on the bike prior to taking it for a ride, they should always wear a helmet and protective gear. The helmet can help if there is an accident to avoid serious head or brain injuries. Protective gear can help to shield knees and elbows, while they might not stop broken bones, they can help avoid road rash.

The rider of a bicycle cannot be to safe, bicycle safety helps to avoid injuries when riding on the roads of Irvine, or any other city in Orange County, California. The traffic is often congested and this means the bicycle rider is more at risk of being involved in an accident when riding. Bicycle riders should never ride at night, this places them at an extremely high risk of being involved in an accident and injured. Drivers are not able to see the bicycle rider at night, even in cases where the bicycle rider is wearing reflective clothing and has reflectors on the bicycle; it is still difficult for driver’s to see the rider.

Bicycle safety on the road helps to avoid injuries, but when it doesn’t then the rider is at risk for being severely injured and in some cases fatally injured. This is proven in the yearly statistics that show hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries related to bicycle accidents. The rider that has been injured in Irvine or any city in Orange County can have head trauma injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, cuts, gashes and brush burn injuries. The only avenue the injured bicycle rider has after an accident is to have the representation of an attorney and in this case it is important to have an experienced Irvine bicycle accident attorney. They specialize in bicycle accidents and because they are local, which means they know the area and the court system and that is an advantage for the legal claim of the bicycle rider against the insurance companies.

Ghana likes to reprint legal articles on issues like bicycles, since so many peoples of Ghana, Africa, Los Angeles, and other third world countries, use bikes due to the high costs of socialism and fuel. This was a free republished articles from our contributor, Michael Ehline, at Ehline Law Firm.

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Wet Weather In Los Angeles Caused A Fatality And Numerous Injury Accidents Last Saturday

Southern California Automobile Accident Headlines

People just never seem to learn to slow down enough in adverse weather conditions.
This time of the year it only gets worse, with drivers in a perpetual holiday rush.
December 18, 2010 saw 349 collisions between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. in the Los Angeles area, according to an article on the ABC 7 news web site, written by Melissa MacBride, Amy Powell and Leanne Suter.
In their article titled, “264 accidents along Los Angeles-area roads, the reporters write that, “Burn-area residents prep for possible slides.”
For it’s part, Los Angeles has been saturated with 5 to 12 inches, depending on the area in the last five days.

More Interesting Details On This Case

The ABC report noted that although the rain was light in some Southland cities, with approximately .14 inches at Los Angeles airport overnight, it was sufficient to contribute to accidents. In fact there will be a lot of extra work if you are a criminal defense lawyer San Francisco or DUI or personal injury lawyer, or even an Oakland and San Jose criminal defense attorney if a DUI is involved overall. A lot of motorcycle and auto accident cases to be tried.
David J Cohen Law Office
300 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94104-1908
(415) 398-3900
One morning accident tangled traffic on the eastbound 10 Freeway in El Montefor hours.
It seems the driver of a big rig on the westbound 210 Freeway was killed in San Dimas when he lost control and slid across all lanes of traffic, colliding with a Toyota sedan.
Incredibly, the driver of the Toyota was not injured. This reminds me of a recent San Francisco or Oakland case.

An accident on I-5 near the Calgrove Boulevard exit injured five people including two children in San Clarita, and in San Bernardino, a driver traveling east on the 210 Freeway near Waterman Avenue flipped his car when he swerved to avoid something in the road, according to the ABC 7 piece.

The Hazards OF Southern California Highways And Interstates

Southern California is expects to see more rain, yet. The current storm is a giant, as seen on satellite photos.
Of course big rain always means mudslides in certain California areas. Obviously it is a great time to be a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, Orange County wrongful death attorney or criminal defense attorney plus a personal injury or accident lawyer as well as DUI attorney firm overall in LA, OC or San Francisco.
Bryan Torres, who works for the Glendale Public Works, was quoted as saying, “The burn areas this year is supposed to be the worst. The second year of a fire is supposed to be the worst, so we are preparing the best as (possible).”

A flash flood watch went into effect last Saturday night and Sunday for wildfire-burned parts of Los Angeles County for the Station, Morris, Briggs and Crown burn areas.
ABC 7 also reported that the rain forced closures of all county roads within the Station Fire burn area yesterday.
Rain forced the closure of Angeles Forest Highway, Big Tujunga Canyon Road and Upper Big Tujunga Canyon Road to all but emergency vehicles.

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